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301 redirects


Active member
Maybe something like this, but it doesn't work?

RewriteRule ^viewtopic.php?id=([0-9][0-9])$ /viewtopic.php?id=$1/ [R]
RewriteRule ^threads/([0-9][0-9])/$ /threads=$1


redirect 301 /viewtopic.php?id= /threads/


Well-known member
Oh, then I don't know why the RewriteRule doesn't work (they are new to me). I had trouble with them too.

What happens when you go to the old link? Do you get a 404?


Active member
Strange, I just checked some more links, some of them have the same ID, other don't.

Is it the conversion from punbb to vbulletin that did this, or the conversion from vbulletin to xenforo?