<3 XenForo!


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Since switching from vBulletin to XenForo I have not regretted anything for one moment. I love how things are around here, drama free, awesome updates, amazing plugins, and an easy to use forum software.

Also Kier and Mike are doing any amazing job, releasing cool stuff, keeping XenForo up to date on a regular basis.

I think IB should learn a thing or two from XenForo and their devs.


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I recently made the switch from VB 5.05 to XenForo. The move was primarily because email alerts would not work in VB and my users are relying upon that. XenForo fixed that.

When I asked questions in this community about issues I needed help with, it was answered quickly.

XenForo seems to work well with the platforms I use with smartphone, tablet and pc's.

Unfortunately, I could not find a way to import users and messages from VB 5.05 to XenForo, so we're staying over from scratch. But we're now using a platform that does work!