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Add-on [$200] URGENT! Lunar (Hijri) Calender Integration

Hi! I need a working Hijri calender add-on for my forum.

The date has to be alongside the Gregorian calender dates in every message, etc. Also, it has to be customizable from the Admin panel - an offset function is required, to be able to correct the dates, in case of an error.

Screenshots of what it looks like are attached.

The code that you might find helpful during this task is here: http://www.ar-php.org/I18N/Arabic/Docs/__filesource/fsource_I18N_Arabic__ArabicDate.php.html

Whether the add-on works or not, can be tested here: http://www.islamicfinder.org/dateConversion.php

If you are ready to take the job, but want to negotiate the price, it is possible.

This is urgent order. If you can fulfill it, please respond as soon as possible.