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XF 1.4 2 Files missing, Upgraded failed, White Page

Hey Ho,

I downloaded the XF 1.4 Upgrade Package from the Customer Area, and attempt to Upgrade from XF 1.4 RC #2. So, i uploaded all Files and go to www.mypage.net/install - but there was this Error:

There are at least 2 file(s) that do not appear to have the expected contents. Reupload the XenForo files and refresh this page. Only continue if you are sure all files have been uploaded properly.
Then i uploaded all Files again, and tried to go to www.mypage.net/install again, but there is only a blank white Page. Now i cant do anything. Any help?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
FireFTP and FileZilla are notorious for messing up large multiple file uploads.

I always recommend WinSCP.


Well-known member
Never knew that about filezilla as I've used it always. Mind you, it's a portable version and configured for my needs. Will look at winscp :)