2.2 additional content type suggestions


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In addition to question, article, poll, discussion, some ideas in my head-- feel free to add on your reply

  • classifieds / marketplace
    • list as for sale / pending / sold, similar to how a question thread would be 'answered'
    • have meta info block for price, shipping vs local pick up, item location, etc (or, manually allow admins to set up arbitrary fields and require them, regex options, etc)
  • reviews
    • product review type article, where the O.P. selects a 'star' rating for an object and writes about an experience
    • allows additional replies to review the same object.
    • Has 'helpful' indicators like amazon
    • Allows a most liked positive and negative review snapshot
  • reference / documentation / standard work / specs
    • slightly different than an article
    • not sure i have a full use case for this in mind but i do have some 'fact' tables on my site that are not quite 'articles' nor discussions or questions. the replies tend to be 'corrections' or 'errata' to the facts. Engineers, chime in on this one.
  • Support
    • Different from q/a in that only the poster can see their own content, and staff can reply.
    • can have a canned template (ala git issue template) to help users ask better questions
    • act as a support desk / ticket system living in threads
  • Video / multimedia / pod cast
    • Slightly different layout based on the embedding of a video from a media site or xfmg
    • toggles view to insert the link to the media and write a blurb about it.
    • triggers some sort of related content feed in a sidebar? 'next video about Xyz'
    • Think, youtube on-page experience where replies are video comments, not really a thread reply.
  • Tutorial / how-to / recipe type
    • also similar to an article in many ways
    • also not sure of the exact use case
    • perhaps has the 'ingredients' section up top (which could be 'supplies/tools needed' instead of food products) before the instruction set
    • could again be template-based ala git issue template

In addition to types use cases, would like to see the options presented based on user groups (eg, mods can have more choices than members) so extent this to the user group permissions by forum id.
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FYI, XF has custom fields that they have stated are compatible with the new content types. And those are:

Field type
Single-line text box
Multi-line text box
Rich text box
Drop down selection
Radio buttons
Check boxes
Multiple-choice drop down
Star rating

The star rating for example would turn an article into a review. Classifieds would be possible with certain fields, etc.

Of course I realize you are suggesting much more, but this is just an FYI.


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The star rating for example would turn an article into a review. Classifieds would be possible with certain fields, etc.
Remember that currently only thread starter can use that rating field, other users can't rate the same post. Correct me if I'm missing something.


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No that's true. But if you have a site with official reviews and reviewers it can work. The author posts an official review. The rest are comments.


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Gee if XF added many more Content types
The whole concept of a forum would be gone or at least very hard to understand or hold it togther in my decrepid mind


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I think OP suggests that XF cores allows options in the core to admin to mold their site into whatever they want. Most will be just a standard forum but many will have the reviews or articles or sales main focus.
Now that XF has been extended into questions/articles, I don't see any reason why it can't be extended further.