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Add-on [150 €] Cache Xenforo Posts in database


Well-known member
Cache rendered Xenforo Posts 1. in database and 2. in ZEND/xenforo caching system. It should be rather easy to do if you are experienced. I expect a rather short "addon" like 10 lines or so. Nevertheless, it is worth 100 € for me.

To make me happy, please also cache subforums for me. My start page slows extremely down for the hundreds of subforums. I have requested addons here before and paid on time :)



Well-known member
OK new deal. I raise the price up to 150 EUR (around 200 USD). Posts just have to be rendered in mysql database. It is not important to put these also in ZEND cache.


Well-known member
If you have several styles and/or several languages at your board, this will be a lot of overload...
I would recommend to squeeze out everything possible from APC Cache first.


Well-known member
I only have one style and one language.

How could I put everything in APC cache? I tried that but the APC cache is usually emptied after some time.