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[100 USD] Subscribe forums with a single click


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This should be very easy to do. List above template hook forum_list_nodes all subscribed forums with the official xenforo routine. Create database table xf_forum_subscription (user_id, forum_id, notification_type). notification_type is "1" for alert notifications, "2" for alert including mail notifications. Create a notification template: "user_a created a new thread thread_title in your subscribed forum forum_title" Also create a plain and html email template for forum_subscription_new_thead (please name it better) with the thread title, autor and subscribed forum. Display the links as in these screenshots above template hook forum_view_threads_before .

s5.PNG s1.PNG s3.PNG s2.PNG s6.PNG

100 USD. Payment by Paypal or bank wire transfer. All rights to this mod go to me. I have successfully paid developer Robbo for another task, please ask him for recommendation.


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I'd do it for $50 and all rights to me. And have it as "Watch Forum" instead. Basically the same as watching a thread but having their own category at the top of the forum.