1.5m posts imported to XF Testbed - Good Times


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After 6 years of vB, I purchased XF - My localhost install on xampp went perfectly, and after a few timeouts with importing PMs, it imported all 1.5m posts from a copy of my live db. Took about 5hrs for the import, and I didn't do attachments or avatars.

Still early days but I am far more satisfied with the xF beta than the three underwhelming occasions that I went through the same process with vB4. I actually want to re-develop my site around this new platform... finally something worthwhile to move to from vb3.8!

One minute into the admin panel and I had my forum colours all sorted - I didn't even imagine getting that far with vB 4.

I can get to work now, and maybe even have the rest of the site ready to launch when xenForo goes gold. Great work Kier, Mike and the team.


PS. just love adding attachments :D