Lack of interest [1.3B1] Change bulk smilie import from server to check for duplicate file names


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When doing an 'Import from a directory on your server' to bulk add new smilies, please default the "Import this smilie" check option to be false (turned off) if the file name found already exists in the smilies definition table.

Here's a real world scenario as to why this suggestion would be convenient...

If you create a folder to group smilies together by a theme, say Star Wars, in /styles/default/xenforo/smilies.starwars, and as you find new Star Wars smilies you upload them to your server in the same folder. To add them to your XF site for the initial load you can do a bulk import using the 'Import from a directory on your server' option which makes adding everything in the folder at once a really easy step.

As time goes on you keep finding new smilies and keep uploading them to the /smilies.starswars folder.

When you then go into the option to import them in bulk from the folder, everything in the folder is shown to you to import, and the 'Import this smilie' is checked on by default. The problem, of course, is that if you have 100 files in the folder and 50 of them are already defined in XF then you either have to know ahead of time which ones to turn the 'Import this smilie' checkbox off for or to enter a definition for them and find out the definitions are already defined when you try to hit the 'Import Smilies' button.
Since the bulk import from the server function is currently intended for individual images, as opposed to spritesheets, then if you as an admin already have that file name defined in your smilies then the odds are greater than you will be having to turn the check box off as opposed to you really did mean to re-add the same file but are intending to use a different definition for it.


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That's not a bad solution to my problem with the new smilie importer.

I put in a path to my smilies folder. I just wanted to check one to do an import test. Since all are selected, I have to uncheck the others. Which happens to be several dozen of them. That is a pain if you just want to import a few new ones for example. I was thinking about the need for an additional checkbox above the smilies that would allow you to toggle all of the 'import this smilie' boxes on or off.
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