1.2 with poor connectivity


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I'll preface this by saying I'm at a conference this week using a rubbish wifi connection shared by hundreds of users.

Having said that, I'm finding here very difficult to use. Things keep freezing or failing when I try to post. I think this might be the new draft saving functionality (how does it handle an intermittent connection?).

At first I thought it was purely the connection but my own XF site and various others I've tried have been running perfectly and its really only here that seems to be an issue.

Is there a lot more JS likely to slow things down? There's obviously major bugs with the new editor on iOS but is there a lot of other new stuff going on?

I suspect things run perfectly on a solid connection and it'd be hard to diagnose stuff like this so thought it was worth raising.


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Answered your own question, right there.

I think you misunderstood. I know there are connectivity issues my end. My point was that 1.2 seems to handle it far less gracefully than the previous version did.

I've tried the majority of xf sites I know and they are all fine. It's only here that had the problem and I assume its somehow related to the draft saving that causes everything else to stall.