1.2 - Notable Members - (Consistency) Member details/avatar not linked the same as "forums" view


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In the forums view clicking on an avatar pops up the member card, allowing you to view the details and close it without navigating away anywhere. On the Notable Members list it takes me directly to that persons profile page without showing the member card - navigating me away in the process. Two different behaviours.

Equally, in the forums view (when you click and get the member card) you can click the values for Messages or Points and be taken to a shortlist for that member; on the Notable Members list those values are present but are not linked in the same way.

It's a minor thing, but the behaviour is different depending on the view. This may be intentional and there may be background considerations for it being this way - but just thought I'd mention it.

Shaun :D


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That is identical behaviour to how it currently is in 1.1.5 on the member list page.