[1.2(?)] jQuery animated poll / stats results.

John L.

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I love Smashing Magazine. I saw this yesterday but didn't think about it for XenForo. Good suggestion.


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Although, I do agree that the general idea is amazing and would look great, but I don't entirely feel it should be added. I can't remember the article (It may have been on Ars Technica), but the general idea was that adding unneeded animations that don't necessarily "improve" general understanding of the content can play tricks on our mind and make things seem like they go slower. To me, this would be one of those. However, if they add it into the core, I do hope there is an option.


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www.highcharts.com would be my vote.

Kier and Mike would have to pay a decent amount for the first license but each additional license is a $1 for a distributed project. :)

But it might be overkill, haha.


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no one uses poll in my site but me :D

i noticed this in XF too!!? Maybe Xenforo should change the way polls work or look ...