1. K

    [MMO] RSS Feed for Yandex.Turbo Pages 2.2.2

    The add-on allows you to send RSS feed for Yandex.Turbo technology As a source of Turbo pages, you need to use a link of the form: yourdomain/yturbo-feed.xml At the moment, the minimum version of php is 7.0. In future releases and additions, I will be using php 7.3/7.4. 7.0-7.2 are outdated...
  2. J

    Unmaintained [JUM] Yandex.Metrika 2.0.1

    This simple plugin will add Yandex.Metrika code on public forum pages. You only need to specify the counter number in the settings. To view the Webvisor data, add (temporarily) to src/config.php string: $config['enableClickjackingProtection'] = false; this allow embedding Your forum in iframe.
  3. ActorMike

    XF 1.5 Banned Email Addresses *

    A couple weeks ago, we are having problems with spammers attempting to use email addresses and getting caught in the user moderation queue. So I added * to banned email addresses. Just looked and someone was able to attempt to register with that address today. Did I do...
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