1. NicklasM

    CORS error on Nginx

    Good day, I have a problem, if I'm connecting to my website (https://playunlimited.de), I'll get a CORS-error. I'm using XenForo and WordPress - to share the resources and themes for WordPress, I'm usign XPress and XLink from ThemeHouse. If I ask for help (at ThemeHouse support), I'll get the...
  2. Bradison

    XenForo + WordPress + Xpress = ?

    Hey all.. I could use some clarification. I'm building a WordPress site and I want to include a XenForo forum on it. From what I've been reading here, it's possible to make them work together as one cohesive experience for my end-users.. But where I'm not totally clear is how the XenForo will...
  3. D

    Add-on XPress and double title solution ?

    How solve the double title problem on xpress ? E.g of same title Here is the post.. https://demo.themehouse.com/xlink/wp/2018/06/29/hands-on-with-the-eco-dot-kids-edition/ and here the comment on forum https://demo.themehouse.com/xlink/xf/threads/hands-on-with-the-eco-dot-kids-edition.8/...