1. G

    Add-on Photo Wall

    I'm looking to have a "photo wall" made, that displays the latest (public) images added to the XMG as un-cropped images. I also want this to be published as a RSS feed. I'm also looking for a RSS feed of the latest members.
  2. dotpro

    Parent category empty even when child categories full

    It is nice when you have the ability to organize and nest categories like: Category Parent ---------Category Child 1 ---------------Sub Cat A (a lot of pics) ---------------Sub Cat B (a lot of pics) ---------------Sub Cat C (a lot of pics) ---------Category Child 2 ---------------Sub Cat D...
  3. dotpro

    Lack of interest Editing Categories in XMG

    In ACP, when editing XMG categories, is it possible to show parent category and its sub-categories only? For sites with large number of categories, the "Gallery Categories" page loads all of them: Showing 4,656 of 4,656 items... often freezes the browser. I would like to see an option where the...