xf 2.2

  1. S

    space issue on the server after custom addon installation

    Hi, we are developing a custom addon and installed it on the staging server. after some time we are facing a server space issue, while we investigate the issue we found binlog size getting increased. due to that server ran out of space. 1. is there any impact if we disable binlog. 2. is...
  2. Cupara

    Do I need to configure more options in config.php for Redis?

    I finally got around to installing Apache to my server then installing Redis and phpredis as well as php-fpm. Right now, my main site I get this error: Right now only my main site has the above error, my dev site is loading fine. I added the code from https://xenforo.com/xf2-docs/manual/cache/...
  3. Sado Yasashii

    XF 2.2 No images are loaded in quick answers

    Hello. The problem was found on my forum. The problem is that nothing can be uploaded through the button "Attach files". In the panel BB when you select to upload images disappears the ability to upload locally and leaves the download only through a link that also does not work. If you load...