1. LPH

    XenWord Pro 2018 2018.07.13

    XenWord Pro 2018 is a simple bridge between XenForo 2 and WordPress. A switch is included so that the bridge will work between XenForo 1 and WordPress. This version is the upgrade to XenWord Pro 3.5.2. The current version is the last beta release and needs heavy testing. Please do not use this...
  2. beanfan78

    PHP Scripts in xF Page

    Hello everyone, I did a search for this and there really wasn't much content available in the threads I found. I really want to have surveys and a robust calendar. I have a couple of plugins I bought from Codecanyon a year ago and they are amazing. So I have 2 thing s I can think of...XenWord...
  3. Karl Goddard

    XenWord setup

    Probably a totally noobie question... I'm trying to use the Xenword bridge add-on and wondered if its correct to have 2 admin accounts - one WP side, on XF side - with the same username? Should I have say 'wpadmin' for the Wordpress and 'forumadmin' for the XF side? The problem I appear to be...