xenforo 2 custom postbit

  1. Cannabis Ape

    XF 2.0 Almost got my perfect horizontal postbit but now I'm stuck, can you help me get it right?

    As I want a horizontal postbit instead of vertical I used @mysimsek guide to achieve that. Although It send me in the right path how I want it is slightly different and I achieved a couple mods that I want but as I'm a newbie now I'm stuck. Currently it looks like this: And this is the...
  2. netr0n

    Unmaintained [XenGenTr] Ultimate Postbit 1.0.4

    [XenGenTr] is an advanced addon that has be prepared for Ultimate Postbit xenforo 2 Thanks to [XenGenTr] Ultimate Postbit you can create postbit colors and postbit icons no matter what color your theme is on your forum. Full responsive is compatible. The most of all You do not need to add custom...
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