1. Sadik B

    EU Vat on Recurring Subscription

    Hi Guys, so I am adding EU Vat tax support to automatically calculate and send tax line item to paypal and stripe in my addon PemBer. Now I am unsure if you are required to include tax every time for your recurring charge? Online documentation is quite sketchy, so does anyone know about vat...
  2. Stuart Wright

    Lack of interest Really need an option to display '+ VAT' next to the price

    Because we are VAT registered, we have to charge VAT on all sales to people located in the EU. The exact VAT rate depends on the country and is added by PayPal when making the payment at the PayPal site. So it is false to display the price as £30 when it is £30 + VAT. There is no way, however...
  3. Ancoreig

    Are the prices of the add-ons Ex-Vat?

    Hello there, As I am not yet a customer of Xenforo I can't check the final prices of the add-ons, but I guess the prices shown in their pages are Ex-vat, aren't they?
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