1. stefanstp

    Not a bug Captcha validation is not correct for creating new thread

    We activated for guests to post new threads before login or registering. But after activation Captcha validation wasn't working. Because in the code "src/XF/Pub/Controller/Forum.php" file and "actionPostThread" method line "878" should check only "$this->captchaIsValid" or not. But it also...
  2. J

    Third party Token Input Validation Issues

    Validation in token inputs is broken in 2 related but different ways. Replication steps: Open a thread. Press the edit tags icon. Press comma twice. This will insert a comma tag which should be disallowed because a comma plus spaces is the delimiter for token inputs. Replication steps: Open...
  3. Kruzya

    Not planned More validations when administrator removes an addons

    I'm think this is a partially bug. Let's go simulate a simple situation: Administrator tries install addon B and got an error about non-installed addon A. Administrator installs addon A. Addon A creates in database table xf_a_provider. Administrator installs addon B. Addon B is depends on addon...
  4. Sam96

    XF 2.0 How can I access the value of Username for custom user field validation on registration page.

    I'm using the following method to validate the custom user field. However, for my situation, I need to access the Username that the user typed into the registration form to determine if the custom user field...
  5. firefox100

    Add-on Sms account validation

    Hi, I've a forum with a thousand users and massive daily registrations, recently our team migrate from vbulletin platform, we need a addon to reduce spam registrations through of sms or phone validation, can someone recommend one?
  6. R

    Extend AutoValidator/Ignore errors

    I want to automatically trigger a button/submit a form, which is using the XenForo AutoValidator. However, I want to "catch" the error, so it does not show the error overlay it usually does if an error happens. The aim is to hide the button, so that the "form confirmation" happens automatically...
  7. wmtech

    [WMTech] XF License Validator PRO 1.0.1

    Description: This robust add-on is an invaluable tool for XenForo professionals who want to confirm their member accounts to own a valid XenForo license. The member is able to input the official XenForo license token and (optionally) the licensed site domain. According to the options set by...
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