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  1. M

    XF 2.2 Customize Usernames on Forum thread page

    Hello. I'm trying to achieve a red-glow appearance on a particular group member usernames. I followed instructions for creating a custom Group with the following css in the username field: text-shadow: 0px 2px 7px #f00 !important; color: #eb2d28 !important; font-weight: bold !important; This...
  2. Artoria00

    Custom username (username animated)

    Hello, I need help adding an animated username. I would like the username to be changed to this (see image). but when i try to add css in user-group it doesn't replace username. I would like to know how to change the username I tried everything I don't know how to do what I'm looking for
  3. Kruzya

    Lack of interest Option for managing "Last username change" when user a merged

    Currently, when user X merged into user Y, Y can lose ability change own username, because XF updates the last date to current timestamp, when he changed own username. I suggest add option or checkbox on form with merging user for just updating "Last username change" to value...
  4. ⭐ Alex ⭐

    Lack of interest Improve the 'Change Name' System to Allow One More Login With the Old Name

    I often get new users on my forum with fancy names consisting of disallowed swear words. The nicest way to deal with these new users is to change their name and send a mail explaining it was against our guidelines. However, I've discovered that changing the name changes the account username and...
  5. Gox11

    Unmaintained Italian translation of Username change 1.0.0

    Italian translation of Username change vers. 1.0.0
  6. CMTV

    Unmaintained Username change 2.1.1

    Description This addon brings configurable username change functionality to your forum, inluding permissions, managable username change history, "Latest username changes" widget, trophy criteria and with "User change log" support. This is an open source addon. Visit GitHub repository for...
  7. SyTry

    Username Change 2 by Siropu - French Translation by SyTry 2.0.2

    Description : This translation allow you to translate the Username Change 2 add-on by Siropu. Branding : This translation does not include branding. Installation : Log into your AdminCP : Appearance. Import a language : select the translation. Overwrite : Français (FR). Click Import. Note...
  8. Siropu

    Username Change 2 by Siropu 2.0.2

    This is the XF 2 version of Username Change add-on. What's new in this version? Added extra option to post announcements in a single thread. Added option to enable/disable link to username change form in the visitor menu. Added user group permission to bypass admin options restrictions.
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