1. R

    XF 2.2 External call to get username/usergroups

    I have a wordpress site and I am trying to get the username info and usergroup info to be called into a WP template. The purpose of this is to check if they are in X usergroup to hide certain bits of content. I know that using the following in a template spits out the logged-in username which...
  2. Jim McClain

    XF 1.5 Convert vB Usergroups to xF User Groups

    I am converting my vBulletin 3.8 forum to xenForo 1.5 this weekend. I'm a little concerned about how my current usergroups will be transitioned to the xF way of doing groups. I use the usergroups Administrators, Moderators and Pro Members as primary usergroups. All other usergroups are...
  3. JJW

    Unmaintained [Sugar Coding Ltd] Usergroup Display Preferences 1.0.2

    Usergroup Display Preferences enables users to choose which usergroup is used for display styling in posts, profiles and private messages (and anywhere usergroup display styling is used), when a member belongs to two or more primary and secondary usergroups. Updating user preferences In this...