url parser

  1. Banu

    Add-on Unshorten.it add-on to unshorten all short links is needed

    Hi, guys. I need a tiny little add-on that will do this little magic: 1. When a user submits/edits a post, 2. this addon checks all the links in the post via Unshorten.it API, 3. converts back all the shorten links to their initial variants (replaces the href value). 4. Plus some optimization...
  2. ForestForTrees

    What format do you use in "Convert URLs to Page Titles?"

    Hello, I just upgraded to 1.5.4 (too many margaritas to drink; I'm a laggard, I suppose). What settings are people using for "Convert URLs to Page Titles?" Specifically, what string do you put into the "Page Title Format" textbox? The instructions say, Here's a screenshot: I'm considering...
  3. Jake B.

    Server issue Domains that aren't 'live' show 'XenForo.com'

    If you happen to type in some domain that does not have a site, or if it is down at the time of you posting it the new URL page title feature will set the text to 'XenForo.com' which doesn't seem like it would be the best behavior for it to have, it probably should show the domain you typed...
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