1. Mave

    Duplicate "Mark unread" option for posts/threads

    Sometimes I accidentally open up a thread/post while unable to properly answer at that time. For those situations a "mark unread" option would be fantastic. That way when checking https://forums.tms.sx/whats-new/ again, the post will re-appear.
  2. Arun Kumar

    Duplicate Not able to read last conversation.

    At times, I am not able to read the last reply on a conversation. After opening the conversation it only display the last reply which I had made, the other participant reply is not displaying and the unread message icon still stays even after opening the conversation. Conversation info...
  3. Ozzy47

    Node Unread status under node icon

    with this css, you can add a NEW Label below unread forum icon Simply add the CSS to your extra.less file in the Template editor. .node--unread .node-icon i:after, .node--unread .no-icon i:after { font-family: inherit; font-size: 13px; font-style: initial; font-weight: bold...
  4. Veer

    Gmail style "X New" on Thread Listing

    How about adding unread message count and display in gmail style On thread listing
  5. tr1age

    Unmaintained XenPorta 2 Recent Thread Widget Rich Usernames and READ/UNREAD color. 2015-08-21

    So if you would like to have The Xenporta 2 Recent Thread Sidebar Block to have Read and Unread titles a different color, as well as rich usernames, here is the code you need. Find EWRwidget_Threads And find the following: <xen:foreach loop="$wUncached" value="$thread"> <li...
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