1. CinVin

    Unmaintained [CinVin] Emoji Tweaks (use SVG images for emoji instead of PNG) 1.0.0

    This is a small add-on that will change the file extension of emoji images when served from a custom CDN. For our sites we serve the emoji images from our own locations and use .SVG images. Read the FAQ for an example of how to use Twitter's Twemoji .SVG images for your emoji.
  2. Chromaniac

    Not planned Update to latest third party emoji groups!

    JoyPixels 6.0 is out. Unicode 13.0 emojis have arrived. Twemoji is also updated with the new emojis I believe. I searched for a few in the smiley panel and it does not look like the new ones (boomerang for instance) are available there. Would be great if XF2.2 launch with these updates. This...