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  1. Alpha1

    Trending tags

    The main tag cloud shows most popular tags. Once the tag database gains maturity this cloud will mostly remain the same over the years. What is more interesting for users is what is happening now. Which tags are gaining most views and replies in the last X days? A tag cloud made trending tags...
  2. erich37

    Lack of interest Recent Activity / Show Tags

    Suggestion: Recent Activity / Show Tags :)
  3. erich37

    Dedicated Tags Page / Tags per Forum / Trending Tags

    Usually "Tag Clouds" look like this: Search Tags | XenForo Community However, these different sizes of letters (small-size words, big-size words) in a "Tag Cloud" do not provide much help to the user or any other valuable input. Suggestion: - Dedicated Tags Page - Tags per Forum - Trending...
  4. TickTackk

    Reckons Team Better Tags [Paid] [Deleted]

    batpool52! submitted a new resource: Reckons Team Better Tags - Better tags usage that makes use of Wikipedia to get information about each and every tag. Read more about this resource...
  5. erich37

    Innovation: User Profile Tags / Show your Tags and Interests

    Innovation: User Profile Tags / Show the Tags and Interests you like Advantages: - show on our Profile-Page which "Tags / Topics" you are interested in - Users with common interests will find each other easily - find threads based on your personal interests easily Examples: :)
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