1. T

    XF 2.2 Slider with HTML snippets

    How would you go about displaying snippets of HTML (a quote, a tip, a link, etc..) that change on a daily basis? Ideally the user would be able to scroll through the previous snippets, or even see a list of all snippets. Is there an add-on that may be useful? Some built-in functionality? Some...
  2. XDinc

    [XTR] Random Tips 1.0.5

    The Random Tips add-on is allows you to show an unlimited number of random tips on your website. You can show to any content via create add-on acp option for your users who visit your website. Also you can display the random tips block different positions. Functionally you can enter any...
  3. Neutral Singh

    [Widget 2.x] Display Random Banners, Quotations, FAQs, Logos, Sub-headers & More

    📌 If you install this modification then please press the Like button! Display Random Quotations, Tips, FAQs, Logos, Sub-headers in a widget or in any template, anywhere in the forums! Widgets > Add Widgets > HTML Widget - Widget definition: HTML - Widget key: quotes - Title: Quotations or...
  4. RobinHood

    Create an onboarding framework to introduce new users how to use the forum and add-ons

    Social media has made a name for itself as super easy to use. People log on, there's a white box, you type what you want, hit submit and out it goes to everyone. There's few options or things to go wrong. Sadly for many users that's all they know and what they expect. When you start to get a...