thread title length

  1. truonglv

    [tl] Thread title limitation 1.0.1

    Make thread title more useful with there limitations Minimum title characters Maximum title characters Title must not contains some words
  2. Alpha1

    Minimum Thread Title Length - Node Setting

    With the rise of social media we see more and more useless titles. 'question', 'help me', '???', 'hello', etc. It would be useful to be able to set a minimum thread title length per forum node. This way we can opt to enforce a minimum thread title length. This would allow us to increase the...
  3. A

    Increase thread title length

    Here is my situation: I use thread title fields to input the titles of real publications. About 30% of them have titles that are longer than the present 100 character limit applied by XenForo to thread titles. Please, increase the maximum character length of thread titles to accommodate many...