1. arj

    How do you set moderators for a subforum?

    Hi there - how do you set moderators for a subforum? At the moment, if I add the user to MODERATING group, it has all permissions but would ideally like it to moderate one subforum only! :) TIA!
  2. adaaaam

    XF 1.5 Dynamic Post New Thread button based on subforum

    Hi, I would like to create a Post New Thread button for guests and members to click at the top of but with the text Post New Script instead (only for this subforum). As a guest, the button would lead to the login/registration page, redirecting to a...
  3. SevgiForum

    XF 1.5 Sub forum dizayn

    How I do it like below Like two rows of vBulletin
  4. enivid

    Add-on Limit Number of Posts Per Day in Specific Subforum

    Hello! I need to limit the number of posts per user per day in a specific subforum. The limit should affect all users and should apply to creating new threads and posting replies (1 reply or 1 thread per day). Is there some add-on that can do that? I've looked at...
  5. Stuart Wright

    Which option would you choose to manage quiet subforums?

    We have a couple of forums which have several subforums which are too quiet to justify keeping them: Bargains & Discount Codes | AVForums (actually this is a whole category) Mobile Phones Forum As I see it, there are three options: retain the subforums for the organisational and SEO benefits...
  6. Stuart Wright

    Solve problem of overly complex forum structure and users not finding the right forum

    The reasons for creating a new subforum are 1) it is needed because the parent forum is being swamped with threads on a specific topic 2) Having a forum for a particular topic can attract traffic. Both those people visiting the forum and from search engines. We've ended up with hundreds at...
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