sql query

  1. vFranky

    XF 2.1 Database select

    Hello, I like to use SQL to select (find) all postings in the forum, in which the string "[table" occurs. The result should produce a table with the cols threadname and URL. Can anyone help to create the necessary SQL statement? Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Frank
  2. Eagle

    Sql query to replace broken images by certain date

    Hi there. The most common result is that links are broken, and images or entire pages don't load properly. Therefore I want to remove IMG BB code from all images until a certain date. As you can see in the below example between the years 2000 and 2015. Now we need to make a following SQL query...
  3. adwade

    XF 1.5 Searching for (specific) User Custom Title?

    Somewhat related to this question, I have discovered that when I imported my vB database I had some users who were currently custom labeled as Email Defunct. The one just I tripped across, I checked and his user status was valid so I just blanked out the Custom Title field on his account and...
  4. Michael Murguia

    XF 1.5 SQL Help - Adding Secondary Groups, and Upgrades

    Hi All! First, thank you in advance for your help! Below, the specific question is highlighted in blue! I think I am about half way through this project, and would love some help completing the task. Part 1 Adding a secondary group via SQL using an email list works fine like this: UPDATE...
  5. Ark Royal

    XF 1.5 SQL Query Help

    Can anyone help me and provide me with an SQL Query that will allow me to see when members of a particular user group last made a post? Many Thanks
  6. ForestForTrees

    Identify people who have recently added tags using PHPMyAdmin

    ForestForTrees submitted a new resource: SQL to identify recent taggers - Use PHPMyAdmin to identify your most active recent taggers Read more about this resource...
  7. R

    Error checking after sql queries in installer/uninstaller?

    As there is no error checking after mysql queries in any code of a development tutorial here in XenForo I just want to ask: Is it not necessary to check sql errors by yourself (and throw an exception in case there is one) because XenForo already does this all? Or would it be not a bad idea to...
  8. S

    XF 1.4 There is to remove such a query to all users from the user group?

    Is there such a query?