1. Sim

    Beta Sort Warnings 1.0.0b1

    Sorts warnings alphabetically (using natcasesort), rather than the default, which is by points. Admin UI: Before: After: Warn member: Before: After:
  2. I

    XF 2.1 Client-side sortable table

    Is it possible to have client-side sortable table? Couldn't find any development doc about xf:datalist. The table should be sorted or rearranged by any of the listed fields in its header. To rearrange by a certain field, one would click the title of the field in the header line. Click field in...
  3. CMTV

    Drag-and-drop sorting

    Since XenForo supports Dragula, I think it is time to add drag-and-drop sorting functionality and get rid of inconvenient "Sort" pages/setting "Display order" property for each entity. Would be nice to have this for smilies, notices, nodes: Please, like this message if you want something...
  4. Ovunc Dinc

    Unmaintained [XD] Resource Manager Filter Buttons 1.0.0

    The add-on allows to easily filter and sort resources. You can enable or disable buttons. Filter Button Styles
  5. CMTV

    XF 2.0 Order by phrase

    Hi! I am getting my entitites from database with this code: return $this->finder('UserProgression:Title')->with('MasterTitle'); Later I fetch the results: $titles = $this->getTitleRepo()->getTitleListData()->fetch(); // >>>Sort by $title->title field?<<< $viewParams = [ 'titles' =>...
  6. Amin Sabet

    Duplicate Cannot change "Share this page" widget order in Thread view: sidebar

    I like to have "Share this page" at the top of the sidebar and am able to do so on my forum view: However, I can't seem to do it in thread view: I was thinking that the following area is the place to put the order, but I am unable to type a number in that field, and the +/- buttons don't...
  7. Sheldon

    Other Sort my "Featured Events" opposite of how they appear. -DONE

    Hello... Looking for someone to with the ability to code and change the display of my Featured Events. Currently, as you feature them, the first one you feature ends up being last. Every event I add is going to be featured, so I need them to be sorted to display Earliest to Latest, not...
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