1. Cl0udzz

    XF 2.2 Different Header Sizes

    I have a little bit bigger headersize with an animation on it and a button (guest message & user message). Written in Css via .less and the html container in guest & user messages box. Now the problem is that the header on some pages like my membership page where user can buy memberships is a...
  2. CMTV

    Increasing max allowed addon size

    Hi! I am trying to add a new addon (8MB) here on but it says that my file is too large. Unfortanutely I can't reduce the size anymore because my addon uses a MathJax library which is huge as hell (its original size was 61MB). So my suggestion is to increase max allowed addon size...
  3. D

    XF 2.0 Add limit to signature image size

    Hi @Chris D Can you tell me how i can set a limit for the signature image? For example, i don't want forummembers to use a signature picture bigger than 500x100 pixels. WithxHeigth. How to set this up?
  4. P

    Lack of interest Legible font sizes

    Not sure but whenever we run speed test, we get "Use legible font sizes" recommendation. Can this be implement?
  5. Y

    XF 1.4 Table xf_session (size : 500 Mo) ??

    Hi, I'm trying to understand, why table : "xf_session", reaches the size of 500 Mo. After several posts I had understood and concluded that my setup was poorly done. Since I update 1.3.3 to 1.4.10, I would like to sort. What can I do for this xf_session? To clean or purge. Because 500 MB...
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