server errors

  1. Argema

    XenForo doesn't work because of XF\Db\Exception: MySQL query error [1205]: Lock wait timeout exceeded

    Hi everyone, for no reason, last week, our Xen forum got this error and users can no longer write messages or do anything else. Our setup at the time was: xenforo 2.1, php 7.3.33, mariadb 10.3; And now we have: xenforo 2.2.8, php 8.0.28, mariadb 10.5.18; We tried switching the server (dedicated...
  2. S

    Cannot Move or Delete Posts on Large XenForo Forum, Need Advice

    We have run into an issue where we can't move or delete posts or threads on a large XenForo install and I would like to get some advice. We are running XenForo v2.2.9 with 50+ million posts and 2+ million registered users. When we try to move or delete posts using the inline moderation (even...
  3. JackieChun

    Not a bug Server errors that have been reviewed should be hidden

    I usually delete most server errors from the admin panel once the issue has been addressed, but I also keep some of these errors for records or future reference. As a UI/UX matter, the admin panel should not be telling you that you should review server errors that you have already reviewed, and...
  4. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Email hostname fails - after error fixed will emails be resent?

    Hi all, we had 22 pages of server errors this morning (recent email options settings had a typo). They were fixed, but I'm wondering what will happen with all these unsent emails (over 500), which I assume are notifications and registrations confirmations. Will Xenforo try to resend them all...
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