1. otto

    Guide: Random Banners - automatically timed rotating out from a banner pool

    Banner - automatically timed rotating from a banner pool This is a realy simple way to view in a Xenforo template a set of banners by automatically timed rotating out from a banner pool. Sounds complicated but its simple. ;) Attention: this is will not be a complete step by step guide! I will...
  2. Hugo Santos

    XF 2.0 Rotate advertising

    Hi to all, i use Container breadcrumb (top): Above, to display some advertising, but i want to rotate severall imagens in this position after 15 seconds, can someone point me in the right direction, or giv-me some tip?. Is possible to have xenforo advertising with this plugin...
  3. DragonFlames

    As designed Rotating images

    Hi, After a recent import to XFMG latest version a lot of the images were rotated. No big deal and probably to do with the users fixing their rotation before upload to the old system but not knowing there was something in the image that could trigger an automated turn on some systems. So, I...
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