1. CedNet

    mod_rewrite problem when mixed with Laravel

    New to XenForo and on on my prod server (nginx) the rewrite is not acting the same as in dev (apache). XenForo is installed in /forum While in / the Laravel framework is responding Nginx Server When I enable SEO friendly URLs I get 404 response from the Laravel framework, hinting that the root...
  2. Harness Media

    XF 1.5 htaccess, xenForo, WordPress and parked domains

    I have a weird problem and I can't seem to find anyone that knows why it's a problem. I have a website at -- WordPress is installed in the root and xenForo is installed at /community. I have another domain pointing there, but I want everything to point at their respective...
  3. kontrabass

    Help with nginx vbseo-vbulletin rewrites?

    I'm having trouble with some quirky vbulletin vbseo url's. Here's what I have in my nginx server config file: location / { rewrite ^/forum/f[0-9]+/.+-([0-9]+)/$ /threads/$1/ redirect; rewrite ^/forum/f([0-9]+)/$ /forums/$1/ redirect; ... This works great for...
  4. Ptr

    vBulletin 3.8 Zoints SEO Rewrite Rules Nginx

    I couldn't locate any example of how to redirect friendly URLs managed by the Zoints SEO plugin for vBulletin so came up with my own configuration. I use Nginx so my location block looks like this: #rewrite thread requests rewrite t([0-9]+)\.html.* /threads/$1 permanent; #rewrite...
  5. Roka

    Cyrillic Rewrite URL (unsupported characters) 1.0

    With this add-on, you will support Macedonian and Serbian letters in rewrite_url. supported letters: Љљ Њњ Ѕѕ Ѓѓ Ђђ Јј Ќќ Ћћ Џџ HOW TO INSTALL: Download and unzip it. Upload the CyrillicRewrite folder to your server. The correct location is library/CyrillicRewrite...
  6. S

    XF 1.5 DBSEO URL rewrite

    Hey there, we´re just about to launch our forums and imported vBulletin 4 into xf. Now comes the part where the url redirects come into the game and that won´t work atm. I don´t understand url rewriting and hope that may be someone who is more capable of could gimme a helping hand on this...
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