1. Mr. Jinx

    Redirection script for SMF 2.0 2.1

    Script to help you redirect from SMF 2.0 to Xenforo 1.5 / 2.x There are a few things for this script to work correctly: SMF 2.0 was using normal URLs, like "" So "Search engine friendly URLs" and other SEO/Pretty URL's where not enabled. You will...
  2. Harness Media

    XF 1.5 htaccess, xenForo, WordPress and parked domains

    I have a weird problem and I can't seem to find anyone that knows why it's a problem. I have a website at -- WordPress is installed in the root and xenForo is installed at /community. I have another domain pointing there, but I want everything to point at their respective...
  3. kontrabass

    Help with nginx vbseo-vbulletin rewrites?

    I'm having trouble with some quirky vbulletin vbseo url's. Here's what I have in my nginx server config file: location / { rewrite ^/forum/f[0-9]+/.+-([0-9]+)/$ /threads/$1/ redirect; rewrite ^/forum/f([0-9]+)/$ /forums/$1/ redirect; ... This works great for...
  4. Ptr

    vBulletin 3.8 Zoints SEO Rewrite Rules Nginx

    I couldn't locate any example of how to redirect friendly URLs managed by the Zoints SEO plugin for vBulletin so came up with my own configuration. I use Nginx so my location block looks like this: #rewrite thread requests rewrite t([0-9]+)\.html.* /threads/$1 permanent; #rewrite...
  5. kalco

    Cyrillic Rewrite URL (unsupported characters) 1.0

    With this add-on, you will support Macedonian and Serbian letters in rewrite_url. supported letters: Љљ Њњ Ѕѕ Ѓѓ Ђђ Јј Ќќ Ћћ Џџ HOW TO INSTALL: Download and unzip it. Upload the CyrillicRewrite folder to your server. The correct location is library/CyrillicRewrite...
  6. S

    XF 1.5 DBSEO URL rewrite

    Hey there, we´re just about to launch our forums and imported vBulletin 4 into xf. Now comes the part where the url redirects come into the game and that won´t work atm. I don´t understand url rewriting and hope that may be someone who is more capable of could gimme a helping hand on this...