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  1. yar

    Awaiting feedback silent and clear_edit parameters are ignored in "POST /api/posts/:id"

    Making request like this to edit post via XF's REST API: Post is succesfully edited without any error messages but both silent and clear_edit params are being ignored. Tried values like "1" and "true" - no difference, not working. I would expect this to work as mentioned in REST API endpoints...
  2. DNF-SaS

    XF 2.2 Fill multi-value custom thread field using API

    Hi, can anybody give a cURL-example how to fill a multi-value custom thread field using the REST-API? A single value works, but when using multiple values, only the last one get stored. Thanks Sascha
  3. untuned

    XF 2.2 Mark user is_staff through rest API

    I would like to mark a user as staff through an external application, but upon sending the request the user gets returned without the is_staff field being updated. Here is the code that I am using to make said request: const params = new URLSearchParams(); params.append('is_staff', true) const...
  4. giperfast

    XF 2.2 Updating a new user entity field via REST API

    I extended the "XF\Entity\User" class to add a new field to get it when authorizing with ('api/auth/from-session'). The code looks like this: class User extends XFCP_User { protected function setupApiResultData(\XF\Api\Result\EntityResult $result, $verbosity = self::VERBOSITY_NORMAL, array...
  5. Artis

    XF 2.2 Error updating Super admin password update with REST api

    So the problem: cannot change user password true REST API if the user is Supper Administrator (don't know about simple admin or moderator) how to reproduce 1) Create API key with full access (login with this dummy user as admin) 2) Create dummy user -> make him a supper administrator 3) use...
  6. Cylon

    Fixed RestApi: Misleading error when creating an attachment for a new conversation with no permission

    Dear friends, I'm having a problem when trying to post the first attachment for a conversation. I follow an analogous process when posting the first attachment for a new thread. When posting a new thread with attachments, I upload all the attachments before. The first attachment returns a key...
  7. Cylon

    XF 2.2 Confused about the user profile and permissions returned by the rest api

    Dear friends, I'm using the rest api to develop an app, and I'm a little bit confused with the information returned by the api. I have a clean XF installation in my development environment, that is the user groups and the permissions per group are the default ones, and I have not customized the...
  8. R

    Not a bug Getting endpoint cannot be found

    hello, i am hitting api from postman and i am getting the same error every time regarding my endpoints are not found i am attaching screenshot of postman also i am send super user xf-api-key with every request. kindly suggest what should i do to solve this issue. Thanks
  9. kylerc

    Fixed REST API - allow sorting of profile posts comments

    It looks like the rest API returns comments on a profile post in newest-first ordering without a parameter to change the ordering according to the documentation at Would it be possible to allow specifying a...
  10. kolakube

    Lack of interest Return more info about quoted post in API blockquote markup

    Currently the blockquote markup returned in message_parsed renders the following: <blockquote class="xfBb-quote" data-name="UserName"><p>Quoted post text.</p></blockquote> In addition to the data-name attribute it would be valuable to also have (just making up names): data-original = gets the...
  11. M

    XF 2.2 C++ authentication (libcurl)

    I saw some old examples of login authentication using /api/auth but looks like the rest api changed these in 2.1/2.2. Is anyone familiar with using libcurl and getting access to the /api/auth. I know it grabs users information once it recognizes the request. All attempts lead to the API key not...
  12. ⭐ Alex ⭐

    Fixed Credential Leakage In Auth API

    The Auth API endpoint requires the sensitive info such as username and password, session id, and cookie to be passed as query parameters. Request URLs get logged in server access logs, which record these credentials plain text into logs that may not even be in the hands of the forum owner...
  13. ⭐ Alex ⭐

    XF 2.2 What protections does the XF REST API have against unauthorized attacks?

    I would love to make use of the XF REST API, however, with a lack of option to grant only certain permissions to a user, and no way of restricting access to a whitelist of IP addresses, I feel that enabling the API with a super user key (which is required for user login testing) is akin to...
  14. emiya

    XF 2.1 Possible to promote an user via API?

    Hello, I want to build an external subscription page for xenforo and want to know, if it's possible to promote an user with the REST API from xenforo? The usergroup promotion should be automatically like the same as the inbuild function from xenforo itself, just on an external page. Has anyone...
  15. S

    Xenforo 2 - Tagging and Rest API

    Hi, I have a couple of questions: 1) TAGGING - Is there a limit to the number of tags I can create without seeing significant performance issues? To start I plan to use 1000, but this will grow significantly as the forum expands. A tag will be created for individual stocks on a stocks...
  16. Kruzya

    Lack of interest REST API: Add ability send JSON bodies

    At this moment (2019.08.14), XenForo supports only requests with Content Types: application/x-www-form-urlencoded multipart/form-data It will be nice if we can send JSON.
  17. Sim

    Implemented Add canonical URL to API results

    When retrieving threads, users, forums, posts, profile posts, media, resources etc from the REST API, it would be useful to include a canonical URL in the results for each record returned to make it easier to link directly to the element from external applications. I know we could construct a...
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