1. KensonPlays

    XF 2.0 HTML Anchors On Page

    Accepted Solution (for you all searching!): For some reason, I was able to get them to work on one page, but not another. I have a '/info/' page on my website that uses anchors and a TOC. TOC - <a href="#Social">Social Media</a> (many lines under) <a name="#Social">Social media</a> It...
  2. Allan

    Resolved (Mark this thread as Resolved) - [Deleted]

    Allan submitted a new resource: Resolved (Mark this thread as Resolved) - - This add-on allows you to add a button in the breadcrumb to establish a thread of status "Resolved" Read more about this resource...
  3. jflory7

    XF 1.5 Google authentication no longer functioning

    Hello all, Firstly, when setting up Google authentication for my site,, I followed the official guide provided by the XenForo team. A month or two ago, a user contacted me saying that they were no longer able to log into the site with Google, and they were presented with...