1. Kruzya

    Fixed Can't reassign resource if it not approved

    If resource is not approved by moderators, it can't be reassigned to another user, because "the new owner must be able to view this resource": All resource categories is visible for all users include guests.
  2. Kruzya

    Fixed Reassign resource don't removes new owner from team

    One of users on my forum founded a very funny bug. Suggest we have three members: A, B and C. A and B are members, C - moderator. C reassigns resource X from A to B. B adds A to resource X team. C reassigns resource X from B to A. This causes effect when we can see same user in author and team...
  3. Dadparvar

    RM 1.2 Thread author not changed after reassign resource

    Hi, Today I Reassigned lots of resources (from USER1 to USER2) Although it worked, but the auto threads created for each resource are still for USER1. But when we changed the resource owner, we wanted to change its auto thread author to USER2 too. Is there any way to do that? Any opinion will...
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