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  1. Tony Cossio

    XF 2.2 How do I call a reaction title to display on a post?

    So I have a piece of code; What it does is lists a reaction, plus it's count. It works fine, but the raeaction title name does not show up (only the Icon). So instead of; :) x2 I want it to look like; :)smile x2 What am I missing? I presume reactionsTitle or something....
  2. Tony Cossio

    XF 2.2 How do I display a count for every reaction

    Hello, I saw this as a feature in xenforo 1.5 (perhaps a plugin) where the post reaction bar would have every reaction with a number count, followed by a list option in the end. So it would look like; :) x 4 :love: x3 :cool:x2 :mad:x1 list @Chris D was this native in 1.5 or an add-on? I...
  3. K

    Hiding reactions and collapsible custom thread fields

    There are two simple features that I would like to have on my forum. I'm willing to pay $10 for each. Hide message reactions from select user groups Collapsible custom thread fields (individually and/or all as a collection, maybe for select user groups even: whatever is technically reasonable...
  4. Kevin 🚀

    XF 2.1 Extend reaction system for implement into addon Social Group

    Hello XenForo Community :) I would like add reaction system of xenforo into addon Social Group, i have create addon for extend the extension, but i have a problem and i don't see a solution about my error. I have this error : LogicException: Unknown relation or alias Reactions accessed on...
  5. vandross

    Duplicate Reactions: Profile Summary (and Reputation Bar)

    I searched and didn't see anything relevant to what I want to suggest, but as always I could have used the wrong keywords. Please merge if necessary! The forum I'm on uses the Reaction plugin which is extremely useful, considering a lot of our members are migrants from another board that uses...
  6. Brad Padgett

    Unmaintained Add a simple and effective Reputation System for your Forum

    Hey guys this is a short guide for a template modification you can use for adding a reputation system to your site based on reaction score. This is similar to @AzzidReign guide for trophy points on Xenforo 1 but this is for reaction score and for Xenforo 2. Shout outs to @AzzidReign for...
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