1. Nulumia

    Add-on A Look At The Upcoming Public Release of SEO & Index Tools

    I'd like to offer an in depth look at the upcoming public launch of SEO & Index tools, an extremely powerful addon which has been in development for over a year. One important disclaimer: Author's Note I have been working in the SEO space for over 10 years, with much experience in contractual...
  2. TürkBinGazi

    Unmaintained Banner-Rank (Afiş)

    First add these codes to the (Extra.less) template /* common banner codes */ [class*='trgamersafis_'] {font-family:'Play';border-left: 3px solid rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);margin-top: 3px;text-align: center;height: 20px;line-height: 15px;position: relative;max-width: 180px;padding: 2px 20px 2px...
  3. Khoco

    XF 1.5 Rank Image Banner Help

    Alright, I know there must be a million threads on this, but I cannot get this to work. So, I've been trying to get the EXTRA.css to work with my custom images for ranks, but whatever I do, it doesn't work. I've used many different ways of getting the rank an image in the banner style, but to...
  4. keenants

    Unmaintained ★ Socialteenz ★Awesome Gaming Rank Set 1.0

    .-= Awesome Rank Set For Gaming Forums =-. Made this a while ago for my old forum, since the forum is no more, just decided to share with you all. I don't have the PSD'S sorry.
  5. JordanH

    RankUP Forum Ranks 1.1

    RankUp is a set of beautiful and elegant rank images set designed by KAMI as part of our exclusive KAMI Collection. The set includes the 6 images as seen above by default which include Banned Member Premium Member Moderator Global/Super Moderator Administrator The PSD file is also included...
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