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  1. Mr Lucky

    Beta More obvious voting and solution marking for question threads

    Why do this? Users often don't realise that question thread posts can by voted on, or that OP can mark as solution. These simple template edits make it more obvious. Instead of: It will be this: Thanks to @TMC for the code that now makes the text change to unmark as solution when it is...
  2. Ozzy47

    [OzzModz] Mark As Solution Log 1.0.0

    Store "mark" and "unmark" as solution actions in moderator action log
  3. Stuart Wright

    Lack of interest Add help text for the 'Yes' option for 'Allow question actions' radio button when creating Question threads

    The form displayed below the post text box in the in the Question type thread of a General type forum where questions are allowed: Could be confusing for some people because it won't be clear what 'Allow question actions' means. I suggest adding a phrase (something like)...
  4. CMTV

    Unmaintained Question Threads to XF 2.2 1.0.1

    The convertation is happening during the installation stage so do not install before you are ready! (see "Usage") Since 2.2 XenForo has its own question-solution system. It means there is no need to use "Question Threads" addon. This addon will convert all data from "Question Threads" addon to...
  5. Mendalla

    XF 2.2 Voting buttons not showing?

    I upgraded my dev and just fooling around trying out new features. I created a suggestion forum just called Suggestion Box and started a thread in it (suggesting I be banned :D). Then I logged in as my test account and ... no voting buttons. Which I guess isn't a bad thing since no one can vote...
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