1. digitalpoint

    Fixed public:push_post_reaction missing posterParams

    The x_reacted_to_your_post_in_the_thread_y phrase as a replacement variable, posterParams. posterParams is used properly in public:alert_post_reaction and public:reaction_item_post, but it's missing in public:push_post_reaction. This causes the string sent to the Pusher to be: someUser reacted...
  2. digitalpoint

    User unsubscribed from push notifications when in admin

    If you are subscribed to push notifications, that subscription is removed from the xf_user_push_subscription when you enter the admin area. There is a mechanism that automatically deletes the user's push subscription record if the user doesn't have a user_id (XF.config.userId) so a user of a...
  3. digitalpoint

    "Lost" push subscriptions for iOS PWA

    Has anyone noticed push subscriptions going away for the PWA app? Noticed it happening not just for my own, but also here at XenForo. At the operating system level, push was still enabled (you can reenable it by going to account preferences and hitting the Enable push notifications button and...
  4. digitalpoint

    Better handling of push subscriptions in PWA

    Was logged into the XF PWA app and then changed my password from my computer, which logged my out of PWA as expected (even though I was still getting push notifications). When I logged back into PWA, I realized I wasn’t getting push notifications anymore (and also didn’t get the small notice to...
  5. Mr. Jinx

    Lack of interest Disable push notification notice

    Simple suggestion: An option, or permission, to disable the push notification notice. Reason: Limit the number of popups for newly registered users. Too many popups, notices and other alerts can be very annoying.
  6. Kruzya

    Fixed Reaction title doesn't use correct language in push notifications

    If administrator knows about "reaction title" in phrases, he can translate reactions. We're on own forum use this. And XenForo respects receiver alert language, but only in alerts. In push, he uses phrase for selected language who reacts: Receiver uses Russian language, i [user who reacts]...
  7. E

    XF 2.1 Push Notification Default Settings

    Hi, i want to use great push notification system. But when eneable it the default setting is that to subscribe all alerts. i want users to get notified only for a few section. For example when a new converstiation started or sameone who replied to users posts. i know users can change its...
  8. B

    XF 2.1 Generate a push notification on new thread

    is it possible to send push notification to all members when a new thread is createad Is there an addon for this?
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