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  1. Andrew Dillon

    Add-on Product/Software Key Manager

    I am looking to have a the ability for members to have product keys assigned to their accounts. I would like to upload lists of product keys for custom software. (Specifically Steam Games) Basically I want to be able to create a product name for the key type, (like title of a game), then upload...
  2. mcatze

    German translation for Xen Product Manager [Du-Sie] 1.2.0

    This is the complete german translation package for the Xen Product Manager [Du-Sie] add-on. Feel free to comment issues or suggestions.
  3. Sami Jalal

    Arabic Language for Xen Product Manager 1.2.2

    This is the complete ARABIC translation for (Xen Product Manager). To install it: Admin Control Panel -> Appearance -> Import a Language -> Import from uploaded file: Select the file to import. Overwrite language: select the language you want to overwrite or import the phrases to. Press...