1. apathy

    [AP] Pokedex 2.5.0

    BRANDING FREE (€10): Link Provides your forum with an in-depth Pokedex. This addon will routinely connect to the FortreeForums API (powered by [AP] Pokedex API) to update your Pokedex database. Features Admins can choose to show data in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese...
  2. Velli

    Unmaintained Pokémon Sprites 1.0

    For fans of Pokémon .. If you want to have the Sprite Pokémon in your forum, you can easily play with this BBCode .. Install Instructions: 1. Upload the contents of the folder "styles" to "styles" folder on your server where XenForo is installed. 2. Go to ACP > Custom BB Codes > Import Custom...
  3. Sheldon


    http://thepokemon.zone Figured it was time to get back at a site..... Very new, just now opened. If you play Pokémon Go and would like to chat, hit the place up. Still adding as we speak, but i figured those that play could have a place to hang out. Lots to do, feel free to join in...
  4. Disaster Area

    Reducing Lag?

    Hey I'm a moderator of a xenforo forum (this one) though not the licence-holder or anything. I was having problems with lag when typing, and myself and the owner discussed whether the amount of posts per thread page affected it (he had it on 50, then we changed it down to 20 and it felt to me...
  5. MasonK

    Pokévolution l Not Just Another Pokémon Community

    Pokévolution is a growing community that focuses on user generated content involving the discussion of strategies, predictions, and current news of the Pokémon franchise. Being able to have tournaments, and at our core, the main focus is the Pokémon games. We strive to stand out from the crowd...
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