phpbb to xenforo

  1. nero

    Fixed phpBB-3.2 > Xenforo 2.1.11

    Hi all, I'm working on converting a phpBB-3.2 board into Xenforo. Everything seemed to run fine but after completing the migration I realize that users that were inactive in phpBB are active in Xenforo. Did I miss something? Is there any way to fix that (either before, during the import or...
  2. stanleyb23

    XF 2.1 htaccess for phpbb to xenforo

    Hey everybody! I m migrating my old phpbb forum with seo urls to xenforo. I ve searched for an htaccess file that will do the redirect but sofar i didnt find it. Im looking for a script that will redirect like this: Redirect all urls original phpbb forum to new xenforo urls Thread urls...
  3. TFTC-Mhel

    XF 1.5 [Help] I'm stuck in a loop when logging into the Admin Page

    Hi Community! I need your help to fix this issue. I have installed the XF 1.5 and when I try to login to the Admin Page. It always redirects me to the Login Page. My purpose is to migrate phpbb 3.0.14 to XF 1.5
  4. Jkay

    XF 2.1 Phpbb on php 5.6.

    Hi everyone, I have to migrate a phpbb version 3.0.12 (old) running on a server with php 5.6. What procedure do you recommend? Migrate to xenforo (latest version) immediately using php 5.6? Thank you.
  5. 1966Mustang

    XF 1.5 PHPBB3.x to XF 1.5 to 2.x Migration Bash Script/Routine... Jenkins?

    Hello, I am interested to know if anyone has put together a shell script to migrate from a phpbb3 to XF . I can probably write one. but figured I'd ask to save myself some work... Current thoughts... # Put PHPBB3 avatars, files, attachemnts into proper XF dirs mysql -u root -c "DROP DATABASE...
  6. Miggy

    Import phpBB to XenForo

    Hello, How long does it takes to complete the importing of phpBB to XenForo with 5 million records? Thanks.