1. PaulB

    Fixed Bad uksort callback in XF\Repository\Route

    Around line 55: uksort($sub, function($a, $b) { return strlen($a) < strlen($b); }); The callback function should return an integer: -1, 0, or 1 for less than, equal to, or greater than, respectively. As far as I'm aware, returning a boolean has never been officially supported and will likely...
  2. PaulB

    Fixed PHP 8.0 incompatibility: libxml_disable_entity_loader deprecated

    libxml_disable_entity_loader has been deprecated in PHP 8.0; it's no longer necessary to call that function. Currently, on PHP 8.0, this results in exceptions when installing XFES 2.2.0 (and possibly all other add-ons, but I haven't yet checked): ErrorException: [E_DEPRECATED] Function...
  3. PaulB

    Fixed Bad format specifier in XF\Error

    Line 285 of src/XF/Error.php: $args[] = sprintf('%.*G', $arg); * isn't a valid precision value. In PHP 7.4.11, this is silently ignored, and the result is the string "G". In PHP 8.0 RC2, this results in an exception. $ php7.4 -r 'printf("%.*G\n", 0.1 * 10);' G $ php8.0 -r 'printf("%.*G\n"...