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  1. eva2000

    PHP Remote Code Execution CVE-2019-11043 security flaw

    Folks using Nginx + PHP-FPM should upgrade their PHP versions ASAP for a reported PHP Remote Code Execution CVE-2019-11043 security flaw announced and outlined on PHP's bug tracker at . Fixed PHP versions are 7.3.11, 7.2.24 and 7.1.33. Folks on PHP 7.0.33 or...
  2. eva2000

    PHP coding help to boost Xenforo PHP Performance Via PGO training

    I am not a PHP coder, so posting this hear in hopes of some folks being interested in helping to boost Xenforo PHP 7+ performance via Profile Guided Optimization training. @Chris D @Kier @Mike @Jake Bunce @MattW @Brent W @Xon @Andy.N @DeltaHF @CarpCharacin @BoostN @SneakyDave @NixFifty @Steve F...
  3. A

    XF 2.0 Delete thread via php

    Hello, I use a php script in the page addThread.php that looks like this: <?php require('../src/XF.php'); XF::start('../'); $forumId = " " $userId = " " $title = " " $message = " " $forum = \XF::em()->find('XF:Forum', $forumId); $user = \XF::em()->find('XF:User', $userId)...
  4. Mike Hollis Jr

    XF 1.1 Permission error when trying to upload files

    When attempting to upload a file to a post I get the following message data/ and internal_data/ permissions are 0777 currently, but I have also tried 0755 Xenforo root is owned by Apache (recursive) Group Permissions are set to allow Direct Node permissions is set to inherit User Permissions...
  5. Saburov

    After Update to PHP 7 my site doesn't work.

    Yesterday I changed my php version from php 5.4 to 7 for some upload limit situation but after that my web site doesn't open. I have an HTTP ERROR 500 now. How can I fix that? Thanks.
  6. Q

    XF 1.5 How can I use APCu and PHP OPcache?

    Hello, installed PHP 7 with Zend OPcache support and APCu as user cache. My question: How can I use APCu? If I add this to my config.php I get an error message (An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.): $config['cache']['enabled'] = true; $config['cache']['backend'] = 'Apc';
  7. Coop1979

    Why does my site go "unexpected error" when I enable caching?

    This has been plaguing me and I feel like there's a simple solution. I recently upgraded to PHP 7 and since then my cache setttings won't work. At first I thought it was because opcache and memcached weren't properly compiled into my install of PHP7, but I have subsequently rebuilt it and in my...
  8. Live Free

    Upgrading to PHP 7

    I recently upgraded from a legacy VPS to a managed dedicated VPS. I'm trying to optimize my server, but before I go into full-blow optimization mode, I'm doing the basics, like upgrading to PHP 7 from PHP 5.4. Is there anything I need to keep in mind while upgrading to PHP 7? Should I upgrade...
  9. GliX

    Fixed PHP7. Fatal Error: Method XenForo_BbCode_TextWrapper::__toString()

    Error at PHP 7.0. Error Info ErrorException: Fatal Error: Method XenForo_BbCode_TextWrapper::__toString() must not throw an exception -library/XenForo/Template/Abstract.php(265) : eval()'d code:0 Generated By: Unknown Account, 51 minutes ago Stack Trace #0 [internal function]...
  10. Liam W

    Fixed Error Logging incompatibility with PHP 7

    Yes, PHP7 is in Beta, however best to report errors/incompatibilities now rather than wait until it's released :) In PHP 7, many fatal errors are now exceptions and extend the Error class. This can cause another error to occur, because of XenForo's error-catching and logging systems: Error...
  11. Mr. Goodie2Shoes

    Fixed PHP 7 - arrays get concatenated in templates...

    I know PHP 7 is still in beta and this might be an issue with PHP's interpreter rather than XenForo's template compiler but still wanted to post this. Yesterday, I tried out PHP 7 and when I did a master rebuild I saw that all the links that have something like: {xen:link something, ''...
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