pagespeed insights

  1. mazzly

    Disable Ads for User Agent 1.0.0

    With this addon you can specify a list of User Agents that should not get ads rendered. The reason I created this addon was to be able to compare Page Speed Insights results without the AdSense code messing up / polluting the results due to ads loading faster and slower between benchmarks. By...
  2. eva2000

    Leaner sized css.php for better pagespeed

    I would love to see a smarter css.php to only really serve the CSS that a page requires. This is code coverage for just XF 2.1 index page where 362,543 bytes or 94.1% of first css.php bytes are unused on the index page ! In terms of Google Lighthouse/Page Speed Insights v6 metrics, that is...
  3. Steff

    Nginx and Xenforo out of the box

    Right first of all I've not been on here for a while... So how's everyone been?:rolleyes:(y) OK I'm looking at a server setup of CentOS 6 on Nginx and MySQL As I'm basically dumb I have no idea what the real benefits my site would have over the conventional setup below: CentOS 6.5 on Apache...