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  1. KensonPlays

    XF 2.0 Why Is This Basic Thing Not Implemented?

    In the Page editor, why is there no ability to have it wrap text? It would make writing the pages, or editing them, on mobile, much much easier. Also, why is there no way to extend the text box's size? It seems kinda small for somewhat serious page creation/editing.
  2. KensonPlays

    XF 2.0 HTML Anchors On Page

    Accepted Solution (for you all searching!): For some reason, I was able to get them to work on one page, but not another. I have a '/info/' page on my website that uses anchors and a TOC. TOC - <a href="#Social">Social Media</a> (many lines under) <a name="#Social">Social media</a> It...
  3. K

    Home Page Builder for Xenforo

    This is one of best feature of IPB, well minus other issues in the platform. Pages/Content allows admins to build a homepage within the forum app vs. having to use Wordpress or another CMS. I think this would be great addition for XF 2.1. I don't see this as being a realistic expectation for...