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nginx rewrite redirect

  1. zhenglee

    XF 1.5 please help nginx rewrite redirect to xf

    hello, everyone. I have a old forum script, I move it to xf 1.5.6 but now the old url can't redirect to new's. my old url is http://bbs.example.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=409493&page=1&authorid=84701 and new url is http://bbs.example.com/threads/409493/ I write a nginx rewrite as blow...
  2. Blandt

    WordPress ( TotalCache ) + xenforo rewrite rule on nginx

    This nginx configuration file will rewrite properly for both Wordpress / W3 TotalCache and Xenforo nested in the same folder like this : /home/you/public_html/domain.com/public/community so the URL is like so : www.domain.com ----> Wordpress and www.domain.com/community ------> Xenforo You will...